Slide Layer - randomization of content

Hello! I need some help working with a slide layer. I have 3 options on a slide layer for the user to select and read additional details for. Currently, the only way to view additional details of each item is to click them in the order they are listed on the timeline. Is there a way to set it up so that the user can select any of the 3 options in any order and also be able to revisit any of the options already selected? 

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Susan Rice

Thanks Walt for your reply. I thought that would be the case as well since on a base layer all of the options could be selected and/or re-selected. But since the options are on a sub layer, I thought maybe there is something that locks them in order on the timeline. Answering your question, all of the selection options appear on screen at the same time. I have provided the slide for you to view to see if that helps explain what I am asking.  

Walt Hamilton

The options are working fine. The problem is that there is nothing to make them disappear. So if you click the MD rectangle first, you can't see the other two rectangles under it. The only way to see them all is to check them in order because the later ones cover the earlier ones.

I would put each rectangle on a layer that doesn't hide other layers, has a two or three second timeline, and hides itself when the timeline ends.