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Lauren Connelly

Hi Rebecca!

We're happy to help!

There are two places to look at.

First, on the layer right-click and select Format Background from the drop-down selection. Make sure the background is set to No Fill.

If that's not it, then do you have any shapes that are taking up the background? You'll see the shapes on the timeline. You can delete them by right-clicking and choose Cut.

If you're more of a visual learner, I've recorded a short demo explaining these steps!

Let me know if you have additional questions.

Rebecca Garver

Thanks for the info.  I think I'm in over my head on this and have tried functionality that is more complicated than I am ready for at this time.  I guess it was a fluke that I got layers to work the first time I tried, then could not get them to work on another set of slides.  Time to review the training again!

Katie Riggio

Hi Rebecca!

No worries, we're here if any more questions come up during your review. 😊

Since you're new to Storyline, its User Guide is very insightful, and our team references it every day: Storyline 3 User Guide

In fact, there is a section titled "Working with Slides and Layers." A good one to explore!