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Apr 15, 2015

Hi I have created a graphic on my base slide (a mobile device frame) which is black and saved it as a slide master. The base slide looks great but when I copy the slide to make new layers the object isn't staying black but rather is showing as gold colour. How do I stop this and make it stay black like the base object? Any thoughts or help would be great thanks everyone.

cheers Julie


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Christophe Jacobs

Hi Julie,

This is because the layout of your layers are linked to a BLANK master slide that contains a gradient fill with 53% transparency.

1. Under VIEW, click on FEEDBACK MASTER

2. Select the parent slide of your master slide set.

3. Right click on the background. Select FORMAT BACKGROUND. Change the settings here so you have no fill anymore.

4. Now do this for all your sets of master slides.

Kind regards,

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