Slide layers hiding base layer despite not checking that box in properties

Jan 06, 2015

I created a template in a new Storyline 2 project by altering the Master Slides slightly. I added some simple shapes and modified the text boxes within. I did not otherwise alter the settings of the master slides. I made similar alterations to the Feedback Masters as well.

Now, when I create a new slide, regardless of the Layout I choose, when I add a layer, it hides the base layer. I haven't checked that box in the Layer Properties.

I can't figure out what caused this.

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Wendy Farmer

I create new layers by duplicating the base layer and then hiding any elements I don't want to see...I think there are other ways of doing it but that works for me. 

So in your project I created a new slide by selecting a layout from the Insert New Slide > Basic layouts - once I had the base layout I duplicated the base layout and de-selected the dim option in the slide panel and then created the content I wanted on the new layer. 

Gregg Wanciak

I see. Frankly, I am inclined to believe that your work process is not what caused not only your slide but also all of my original slides to start behaving correctly.

I suspect that my Storyline 2 install has something to do with it. I further suspect that whatever is right in your install repaired whatever is wrong in my install. Or it may be something that I did with my slide masters that the unaltered slide masters on your install rectified.

I think there's more to this. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf.

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