Slide layers jumbling up when clicking back on the timeline


Experiencing some issues with slide layers when I click back on the timeline to review a bit of content. The slide layers appear as they should when it plays from start to finish, but if a user clicks back on the timeline e.g to review a bit of content that was missed, the slide layers appear erratically.

Any ideas why, or how to fix this?


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Michael Ashcroft

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’ve attached the ASL file.

FYI – I have implemented this update  – but I suppose this fixes the issue when the users click the previous button, but not when they click back on the timeline

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael, 

I think Wendy's suggestion was to use one layer to play all the audio - and that layer is accessible by the base layer and all the other layers.  That would allow it to play through. Otherwise  you may need to look at breaking up the audio layer by layer to keep things in sync. 

Hope that helps clarify! 

Michael Ashcroft

Ah, I misunderstood, apologies.

I’ve put the audio on its own layer but how do you make it accessible by the base layer?

Is it normal that the seekbar goes back to the start when every layer is shown? When I drag it the audio continues to play? It’s almost working, just a few glitches that I’m hoping is a couple of tick options in the settings.

FYI – I’m on the most up to date version of ASL 2. I’ve attached the latest ASL file I’ve been working on. The slide in question is the first.




Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Michael! Thanks for including your updated file. 

Yes, it is normal that the seekbar goes back to the start when every layer is shown when you're using the "Pause timeline of base layer" setting. In other words, each time a new layer is shown, the seekbar timeline reflects the timeline of the new layer, not the base. 

Have a look at the changes I made to slide 1.1 in the attached file. I split up the audio layer-by-layer and set each layer to allow seeking. Will this work for what you're looking to achieve? 

Michael Ashcroft

Hi Alyssa,


Thanks for reaching out. Yes it work a lot better this way. The issue we have for our business is that some of the content is quite technical, so we would like to enable the user to revisit certain parts of the content without having to go back to the start.

When a new layer is shown, it only allows a learner to revisit parts within that layer, but no other. This is why i go confused with layers and the seekbar. The original file has the layers all working towards the same seekbar, but when it's dragged back it causing the layer jumbling issue! Not sure what best practice is to be honest?

How do i prevent users skipping the content when using multiple layers? The trigger to allow learners to hit "next" when the timeline finishes activates when the base layer timeline ends, i.e learners can skip through layer 1 and 2.