Slide Layers Not Displaying in Window

Jun 29, 2017


I asked this question once before, but then the problem miraculously fixed itself. But not this time. My Slide Layers window and the Triggers Window are only displaying about 1mm of what's there, and scroll bars have appeared on both. There's not enough showing to read using the scroll bars, and only 2 or 3 layers anyway. I've attached the Slide Layers screen to demonstrate what I mean. If anyone can help would be appreciated. I can't work with only seeing 1mm of what layers/triggers I'm working with.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jillian

  • Is your DPI setting set to 96dpi (100% if using Windows 10)?
  • Are you working from your local drive?
  • Have you tried undocking the trigger panel and/or layer panels then using the View > redock windows to see if it resets
  • Closed the project and restarted SL?
  • Can you share the .story file or just one slide where this is happening.
JIllian Rickertt

Hi Wendy,

I'm working from my local drive. Yes I've redocked but to no avail. Yes I've closed the project and re-started. This only seems to be affecting all test (assessment) simulations but not other projects. But this could be because I've tried to re-record into the assessment  projects that were working fine. I'm attaching a list of recent files, and one small project. 

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