Slide Layers not Resetting Properly


I have an interaction that spans several slides and layers. In the course of the interaction, the player navigates back and forth between rooms (one slide per room) of a house selecting items. As they select items, it reveals layers, sets a variety of variables to true, and adds a 1 to a counter variable. They can move from one room to another to see what they've already selected if they desire. 

Once the counter variable reaches 5, they get a success screen (separate slide). On the success screen is a reset button that sets all variables back to false, the counter back to zero, and sends them back to the initial slide. 

The problem is that when they get back to the slides, the layers aren't hiding, causing the variables to stay false and the counter not to work properly. I can't seem to get the layers to hide/reset. I've tried setting adding triggers to each slide to either A: hide layer X when timeline starts on this slide if variable = false or B: hide layer X when variable X changes if variable X = false. Neither seems to work. Please help!!



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Walt Hamilton

I suspect that the problem is that if you want to have them return to a slide and see what they have selected, you need to set the slides to show saved state on revisit. That seems to be working for you, but when you reset and revisit a slide, the timeline doesn't restart (because it returns to saved state), so triggers based on the timeline starting don't fire.

You tried to hide layers when the variable is reset to false, but variables being reset is an action that can only be seen by the slide that resets it, so that doesn't work, either. 

Have you tried having the reset button restart the project?