Slide Loading Issue

Hey All,

I've got an issue with a course, built in Storyline 2, that is acting strange for some users and we can't figure it out.  For some users, the page loads and looks like what you see in the attachment named "jumbledMess.jpg".  For others, it loads and appears just fine.  You can see that here:

Has anyone else experienced this before?  If so, do you know what causes it or, better yet, do you have a resolution?


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Ryan W

Hey Leslie and Emily,

The course is published as SCORM 1.2.  The player is locked to optimal size.  The browser is set to display at the user's current browser size.

There is absolutely no commonality between the users.  Some are using Chrome, others IE 10 & 11.  For the majority of users, it works just fine.  

It has been tested numerous times on the Cloud and we've never seen this before.  

Ryan W

Hey Emily,

Yeah, we've done the troubleshooting.  The interesting thing is this course has been deployed to a number of clients, all hosted on our LMS, and we've never had this problem.  Since its very sporadic, you could be on to something regarding the security settings.  Quite a few users have completed the course without issue.  Not sure what else is left to troubleshoot on our end...