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I have a client with a bad idea that they are persistent about! They like the rollover/clickover layering that I can do for them in Storyline, but they have a pathological need to make sure that the learner has viewed each and every piece of content. So my question is, is there a way to prevent a user from advancing in a module until they have clicked on every clickable object and revealed every hidden layer? Kind of like slide locking with imported engage apps in presenter...


Andy Dunn, Vancouver

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Andrew Dunn

As a follow-up - I managed to apply the slide locking to my storyline story, but I want learners to know that they are slide-locked, and why. At the moment the next button just doesn't allow them to advance, and they think it's a problem with the course.

Is there a default message dialog (as with Engage) that tells them that they are stuck until they view every item?

Is there a customised work-around that would recognise that the learner has clicked 'next' but that the trigger conditions haven't been met? I thought about using a variable that would increment by 1 each time a layer was viewed, and making the Next button dependent on the value of the variable, but it wouldn't work if the user viewed the same layer more than once, but didn't view another of the layers.

Any ideas?