Slide Looks Different Upon Publish on Different Machines

I'm experiencing an interesting issue. When we publish the module here in US, the slide looks as intended. When our client publishes the module in Germany, the text overruns the container. They are using the same publishing steps as we are. We did note that while we were publishing under Storyline 1, they were using 2. We then upgraded and had the same result. At this point, we were working with a newer update of SL2 than they were. They do not have admin rights and updating is a big pain. IE/Flashplayer versions don't seem to be the issue as we zipped our published version and they were able to view it correctly, as intended. This doesn't seem to be a font issue as I have confirmed that fonts are embedded in the flash output file. I confirmed this by using a completely random font (Heavy Metal Band or some such) and that font came through on multiple machines that did not have the font installed. 

Does anyone have any other ideas? See attached images . . .  

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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Lisa,

I think it is a font issue... at least if I take your screenshots.

The first screenshot uses a modern font like verdana... the secound - german - text uses a different more classical font. It looks like Arial.

There are big differences in the font face of your screenshots... it begins with the header "Next and Next Buttons". While it is bold in the first screenshot, it is not in the secound one.

Fonts are not included into story-files. Check out, if your font is installed on german PCs. Not installed fonts are replaced by a different font when opening a project. 

By the way: check out the Windows settings: dpi resolution. Setting up a resolution of more than 100% will crash the visual design. Articulate is ware of this. You can find threads in this community referring to this problem. 



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

Definitely keep us posted and if you'd like we are happy to take a look at your .story file as well. Since you're using fairly standard sounding fonts (based on Jan's assessment) it should be easy enough to see if they're the same if you can let us know what font you're using. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

Are you using different versions such as Storyline 1 vs. Storyline 2? or different updates within the same version? I haven't seen such differences in font from update to update - and if one of you is using Storyline 2, the other wouldn't be able to open it within Storyline 1. 

Do you know what updates you each are using? Clicking on "About Articulate Storyline" will open a window where you can see the update number listed. You can also download the latest update for Storyline 2, Update 5 here and Storyline 1 Update 8 here.