Slide Master and Question slide


I would like for my question slide to have the same background as my slide master template. I can create a question slide with a blank background, but if I apply my template style, the questions disappear from slide view and remain in the form view. I do not want to add images, but just apply the same background as my other slides.



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Ned Whiteley

Hi Darcy,

Whether you are creating a new course or you open one that you created previously, if you go to the View menu and select Slide Master, you should be presented with a series of slide masters down the left hand side of the screen, including ones for quiz questions.

If you go to the top slide in the tree (The main Master Slide) and make any changes that you want (background colour, images, logos etc) they will also be added to all the slide masters below it, including the quiz question masters.

When you close the Master Slide and return to you normal slide view, your quiz slide should look the way you want it to. Note that if you want to make some changes to the appearance of the quiz slides compared to the main Master Slide, you can do that by editing the appropriate quiz master slide.