Slide Master change is not working!

Hi, community!

I have started a project with one slide master and needed to change it after a few modules. Since it's really time consuming to copy all  the content and paste it in a new project with the new slide master (cause I need to do it slide by slide) I tried creating the new slide master and then clicking Insert/Layout and selecting it. However, the old layout doesn't change...any clues why this may be happening?



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Pamela Funes

Hi again, Wendy!

Find attached a story file to see what I'm talking about. I want to change the Master Slide for the one named "Backbase". But when I apply the layout, nothing happens...

The current slide has the images inserted on it and I want the images to be part of the Master Slide, to avoid having to copy and paste them in every single slide.

Thank you!