Slide Master Custom Player not showing on slide layers

Aug 28, 2017

I'm new to using Articulate Storyline (currently using SL3) and I'm still learning. I wanted to create a custom player for my course, so I saw a few videos and created a custom player using Slide Master. Essentially what I did was to add a layer in Slide Master and create my custom player on this new layer (top bar colours & design, logo, menu button, etc) and then created a trigger in the base layer to show the layer with the custom player when the timeline started. 

This worked really well until I started working with layers in my main content. The custom player elements show and work on the base layer of my slides, but disappear when any additional layers are triggered. I'm sure there must be something simple I'm missing, but I haven't been able to figure it out. I'd appreciate any help on this.


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Susi B

Hi Priyanka,

could you share a sample slide on which it is not working?

I don´t know if I understood you right, so you have your custom menu on the slide master or on the feedback master?

If you use multiple layers on a slide you have to check your layer settings. In these there is a checkbox which closes all additional layers when a new layer is shown. So when you use a custom menu, it should be on the base layer.



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