Slide Master in Storyline 360

I am developing Storyline templates for our organisation and want to use the Slide Master. I have a png image as our back ground to a title slide and a thank you slide, however I want the title and content to be blank, plain white. Is there a way I can insert this as part of our template in the Slide Master? Everytime I add in a new slide it comes up whit the png image. My other thought is that I don't use the Slide Master which allows me to insert a blank slide in between the title slide and thank you slide.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Angela,

When you select a new slide layout, the main Master Slide won't appear on your list. What you get are all the slides underneath it that form your Master Slide set. The first one is "Title and Content" and the next one is "Title Only", which is why I left the background image on this one.

If you are still having problems, share a copy of your Storyline file here and I will have a look.

Angela Cisternino

Hi Ned :) 
I have populated my Stroyline Slide Master with my background images (I had 7 templates to put together and it was really simple). I'm just wondering why another Master style is coming in in tje Slide Master view, called Vibrance. I've attached the file for you to have a look at.  I'm not sure how to get rid of it.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Angela,

The reason you now have the Vibrance Slide Master set in Slide Master View is because slide 1.4 is set to a Vibrance layout (I assume you may have imported the slide from elsewhere and it has brought that layout with it).

You have two options. Either you can live with it  because you like the look of the slide as it is or you can apply a layout from your new Slide Master set and then adjust the slide as necessary to recreate its original look.

I have had a quick look at it and if you select the Question layout from your new Slide Master set, all you have to do is to then add back in the grey background behind your options.

Once you have done that, if you select View > Slide Master and right click on the Vibrance Master Slide (the top of the Vibrance tree) and click Delete, it will remove the Vibrance set from your Slide Masters,

If you have any queries, just get back to me.