Slide Master - Insert Placeholder Text and Edit Text Name

Hi Support,

In my slide master I created 2 placeholder textboxes (see attachment 1.png).  When a new slide is created from a template and viewed in the "Slide view" i would like this text to appear i.e. with the text "Parent Title" and "Title" visible. 

When I insert from a template the text displayed defaults to "Click to add text" for both placceholder textboxes (see attachment 2.png).  I would prefer if the original text in the Slide Master was displayed i.e. "Parent Title" and "Title" instead of "Click to add text".  This is needed to guide elearning creators as to what should be written in each textbox. 

I need the text to be able to be edited within each individual slide as each title will be different.  Creating ordinary textboxes within the Slide Master is not an option for me. 

Any ideas?  Thank you for your time.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Matthew -- Welcome to the community, and thanks for your question! Just to confirm, have you had an opportunity to review this information on Working with Templates and Using Slide Masters? If you'd like to share your file, I would be happy to take a closer look for you. Please use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and browse from there. :)