Slide master on top of slide content

Hi to all Storyline peeps out there.

I have a medium sized Storyline course made up mostly of screen captures. The captures are the full width and height of the slide size. I also have a master slide with header, footer and next/previous buttons. However the master slide is covered by the full screen captures.

Is it possible to move the slide master on top of the captures? Or alternatively is it possible to crop or mask the captures so that the slide master underneath becomes visible?

If  the above is impossible what steps can I take to achieve what need? Hopefully I won't have to copy and paste the contents of the master slide on each capture screen : (

Many thanks in advance.

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Jamie Morgan

From my experience, the slide master will always be on the bottom and the slide content builds on top of that. I'm not aware of any way to change that functionality.

As far as your images go, you can crop them in Storyline by clicking on the image and then clicking on the Format menu in the top menu. There is an option for cropping towards the right hand side.

R Rothrock

Any layer (whether from the slide master or the actual slide) will appear in the absolute top of the stacking order when it is triggered to appear.

You can put a layer on your slide master with your buttons. Then you can put a trigger on the master slide  to show the layer when the timeline starts. That way it will appear above the screen shots you put on your slides.

Of course you can't be using layers and triggers on your slides themselves or those will appear above the master slide layer. Unless you carefully manage the artwork on those layers.

Additionally you will want to check the layer properties and make sure that they aren't set to hide other layers when they appear. Unless that is the behavior you want.

Ray Handley

I have the same issue and still looking for a workaround. I have a Menu that sits on a layer in the Main Master slide. This is accessible on all slides except full screen captures. I even tried masking out a transparent area for the Menu (this makes it visible but unfortunately not clickable). Does anyone have a solution to this besides cropping the screenshots? Urgently need to work something out here.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ray,

The screen capture slides actually become a part of the background when inserted as step by step slides, and therefore you won't see elements you've placed on a master slide. You'll need to conduct the screen recording at a smaller size than your story size to have some space around it once inserted onto a slide, but you won't be able to move the screen recording on the slides as it'll still be a part of the background - or use the "video on a single slide" option. 


Hi ! 

I have a solution. You can place your elements on a LAYER in the master slide and check the box "mask background elements"

THEN you create a trigger on the master slide that says "show layer when the  sequence begins". So 

Sorry for the inaccurate translation but I work on the french version. 

Joseph Strautmann

Maybe in Storyline 3? Almost 2 years any word on this? While creating layers does accomplish this task there should be a way to say always appear or some type of global to appear on top. Lectora, for example, offers a way to inherit what you want from the top down. The biggest fallout I have with this is I am unable to interact with anything in slide layers. For Example, I want to make something inactive based on what layer the user clicks into. I am able to do so if the objects like next and previous buttons are on the base layer. If you were able to interact with your master slide and all the slide layers within it, this would be ideal.