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Oct 09, 2014

The slide master feature overlays self created slides, but I haven't had luck getting the slide master slide to overlay screen shots of custom software systems that I obtained using the screen record feature that puts one screen shot per slide. My purpose in using the slide master feature is to create a my own internal "skin" while turning off Articulate's 'external" menu panel on the player.

Does anyone know how to create your own skin using the slide master feature, or is there a better way to create your own skin that doesn't involve elaborate programming?

Thanks in advance!!

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Robert Lengacher

Scott, an important thing to remember is that the designs for your Slide Masters and Feedback Masters actually lie under all of the other elements on a regular slide except for whatever you have identified as a placeholder on your master.

Not sure if this will work, but:

For your software simulation slides, you probably will need to resize the video clip of the software simulation (and any overlays if it's interactive). Then you need to check if the blank slide layout is being used on that slide. On the Home ribbon, click the Layout drop down in the Slide section (over on the left part of the ribbon) to select a layout that has your virtual player skin.

Good luck!

Robert Lengacher

Scott - Since your plan is to basically create a player-like skin on your actual slides, you'll probably have to content with the automatically generated Continue and Try Again buttons on feedback layers. This may cause you headaches with your plan to have customized navigation on every slide. Here's a thread with a solution (and video I put together that my team is successfully using for customizing the auto-generated buttons:

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