Slide Master problem: Images resizing

Apr 06, 2017

I am trying to create a slide master in Storyline 2 that is similar to our company's PowerPoint slide master. I have inserted a placeholder for the images, but I keep running into an error.

When I create a new slide from the slide master, I will try to insert a picture. However the picture keeps resizing instead of staying in the designated placeholder size.

In PowerPoint, when you put in an image placeholder and upload an image there, PowerPoint cuts the picture so it fits into the placeholder shape. I am trying to find a way to do the same thing in Storyline 2 but am not having any luck. I have tried to look around for an answer but haven't found anything that worked. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there S!

With the Slide Master image placeholder, your image will resize to fit the length or width of the placeholder. For example, Storyline won't stretch or skew landscape-style image to fit into a portrait-style placeholder. Instead, the image will resize down to fit the width of the placeholder.

Another option is to insert a shape on your slide that will serve as an image placeholder. Then, right-click the shape and select Format Shape. On the Fill tab, select Picture or texture fill and insert your image there. With this option, the picture will appear on the slide in the with the same dimensions as the shape without being resized. I hope this helps!

Jessica Koehler

Hi Alyssa,

is there a way to use this workaround in a Master Slide?
The problem is, that I can't "reach" the option if the shape is part of the Master Slide.
I need my slides to have the same layout and as S. has already pointed out, SL cuts the images if they don't fit in height...

Thank you for your help.



Alyssa Gomez

Hey Jessica! 

Like you mentioned, the image placeholder on the Master slide will cut the image to fit the height, but I can see how locking the image to it's original size within the placeholder would make your life easier! 

I can definitely pass this idea on to the team, and in the meantime, hopefully other folks in the community can chime in with some creative ideas. 😀

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