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Tracy Buthe

Hi Michele,

I am not sure I am understanding what you are looking for. I've never added questions to the slide master - never found a need to - but if you are trying to insert a question you click the Insert menu and then click the New Slide button, then choose either Graded Question or Survey Question. Is that what you need or am I completely missing the point? 

Hope that helps.


Michele Patla


I am trying to create Master Slide templates for the practice quiz questions; maybe I am missing something. Although, I do not have the option to add slide types when I go to Master Slides. Does that make sense? Is there another way I can make Quiz Question slide masters (I see how to do the Feedback Masters….) thank you SO MUCH.

Michele C. Patla
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Tracy Buthe


I think if you wanted to do that you would have to create the elements of the question yourself on the slide master and set up a slide master for each type of question you needed. I am not sure how that would work with the results slide. You'd still have to use the Convert to Freeform for each question even if you created a slide master for the question and it would really be a lot of work rather than using the New Slide option. Maybe if we knew what the issue is that you are having with the way the questions slides work now that would help us know how to help you out.   


Ned Whiteley

Hi Michele,

The following procedure may be of help to you:

1.  Open a New Project

2.  Select View and Slide Master

3.  Select the main Master Slide on the left and add a suitable image or colour for your background (remember that you can always edit it later to suit your particular project) and then select Close Master View. You will now see that your first slide has the new background.

4. From the Slides menu, select Graded Question and add a Multiple Choice question to your project. Now add a number of choices (eg 1, 2, 3)

5.  Continue adding one slide for each of the different types of Graded Question you wish to format, adding appropriate wording in Form View as you go (this gives you a better idea of what the finished slide will look like and can obviously be edited later when you need to).

6. Once you have all the different types of question that you require, select Save As from the File menu, give your new template a name and save it as a Storyline Template.

7.  Select any one of the question slides you have created and open the Slide Master again. You will now see that the Question slide master is selected on the left and, if you hover over it, it will tell you that it is being used by all of your question slides.

8.  If you wish to be able to vary the Master Slide format for each type of question slide, you will need to duplicate this master (right click on it and select Duplicate Layout) the appropriate number of times.

9. Give each new version of the Question Master an appropriate name (e.g. "Question - Multiple Choice", "Question - Drag and Drop" etc) by right clicking on the appropriate master and selecting Rename Layout. These masters can now be individually adjusted to fit your requirements.

10.  Close Master View again and return to your template slides. Select each question slide in turn and, from the Home menu, select Apply Layout and apply the appropriate layout to each slide.

11.  Save your template. It is now ready to use (see attached example).

12.  To use your template, open a new or existing project, select My Templates from the Slides menu, select your new template from the drop down list and you should be good to go.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Michele,

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post was that procedure this will only enable you to vary the Master Slide components of your question slides (colour, font, background etc) and will provide little or no adjustment of the actual pre-formatted question layout.

If you are wanting to have your own unique question layout, one option is to create your slides and then convert them to freeform questions. This link may be of use.

David Holzemer

Hey Ned,

I'm so glad I stumbled on this. This is what I have been trying to do myself. I have been building a project template to increase production time and project consistency in terms of  UI.  The powers that be like that :-) .  But I have been going a little crazy trying to figure out how to create question slides. Your steps will be incredibly helpful!

Chris Digital

Hi All, jumping on an old thread here...

I want to apply the same design to my question slides that I have applied to all the other slides. I've found that I can apply a master slide format to a question slide but it chooses where to put the question and answers - and puts them in the wrong place. I have a title bar, which is where the question appears, and a bottom text box for instructions, which is where the question appears. Is there a way I can modify the master layout to tell it that this is where the question goes and that is where the answers go?