Slide Masters – Voice Over and Closed Caption?

Hi all,

I found a thread that is exactly what I am looking to achieve, but the source file is no longer available and I am having trouble following the instructions.  I reached out to the original poster, but he hasn't been active for two years.

Here is the post:

Does anyone know how to manually add a CC toggle and mute/unmute toggle to the master slide?  When a learner clicks on them throughout the training, I want the action to carry over from slide to slide without them needing to click on each slide (be it CC showing on screen or audio muted).

I've seen other posts to achieve this without using the Master Slide, but I need it on the Master Slide to streamline development.  

The creative strategy for a project I am working on does not include the Storyline default mute button, it needs to be manually built in.  



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Brian Swisher


Glancing it over,  this looks like it may work for CC! I won't be able to dive deep into it and test until tomorrow.  Still lost on muting and unmuting on the Master Slide.  Ialready have a button and trigger to play and pause timeline, I am looking for a workaround to strictly mute and unmute audio.

Thansk for your help with CC!  I'll check back in tomorrow and let you know if it worked :)



Alexandra McCormick

Hi Brian. I used the method provided here and it worked. However it is done at each slide level, not at the master slide level. This method will show one line of text at a time as it doesn't word wrap.

I was also looking for a mute/unmute function to attach to a button, but I don't think you can. I may be wrong and would love to know if it's possible