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Feb 14, 2013

What is the best method to prevent a user from skipping layer content.  

If I uncheck the Next button on the Slide Navigation control for that slide, I need a trigger to proceed to the first layer, which is understandable?

Can the Next button be available for the last layer or must you create a trigger (button, timeline ends, etc..) to proceed to the next slide.

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Annie Jean

Hi Kevin,

There are many ways to do this. You could put a condition on the next button referring to an object on the final layer.

For example, let's say you change the state of an object when the timeline of your layer ends...

You could then make a trigger saying :

Jump to next slide

When user clicks the Next button

If state of object = "defined state"

Then, you can add a trigger that shows a layer telling the learner they must complete viewing all the information before moving on.

Show layer "No, no"

When user clicks Next button

If state of object NOT EQUAL TO  "defined state"

This is one way, among others, if you wish to use the built in next button.

Hope it helps and have a nice day!


Bruce Graham


I use the term because it "traps" users if they have not, for example, visited all the bits I/client wants them to.

There would then be another Trigger that allows the "Next" button when the visitations have been made.

See images below - where 3 x names rectangles have to be visited before "Next" can be used.

Both these Trigger sequences appear on the Base Layer.

Hope that helps - apologies for not explaining earlier.


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