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Wendy Farmer
Philippe JEANTY

I tried to isolate the 2 slides in anew presentation and there they both display properly.

Hi Philippe, sounds like there might be some corruption in the file which sometimes happens.  have you tried creating a new file and importing all the slides from the current file in to see if that works?

If not, upload the file and someone can take a look for you.

Philippe JEANTY

Hi Wendy and thanks for answering again ! Actually i simply duplicated the slide that was not showing properly and deleted the original. It was a puzzle to explain but not very critical. Maybe this is because the file is getting a little big (500MB).

Mostly i was concerned that it might happen when i am presenting and thus missing some of the information i wish to demonstrate,

Philippe JEANTY

Well it happened on a different set of slides. Again trying to import that scene in an new file solved the problem and copying the slides also solved the problem, but this is unerving: it means each time I publish a file I need to check every single line ?

I posted the file here


Look at Scene 48, slides 7 & 8. The second line of slide 7 does not display while the clone, slide 8 does.

Yes i reimported all in a new file!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Philippe

I see what you mean.  I can't say what is causing it but it could be the size of the project.  I wonder if developing the project in smaller chunks and then putting it together at the end might make a difference. Have you tried publishing the entire file and checking the output if it displays correctly....it could just be happening in preview?

Philippe JEANTY

Ouch i was VERY worried of that answer ! Very many of these slides need to be cross-linked and I need to be able to search over the entire project. I could separate the ANOMALIES section but it is the bulk of the presentation. 

Also the presentation is pretty sluggish when I run the EXE file or when I run it in the HTML versions. This worries me because there is much more to add.

If you develop several module how do you seamlessly merge them ?

thanks Wendy !


Philippe JEANTY

Thanks Leslie, many wise ideas in there indeed. My rule about saving is to save anytime that recreating it's more painful then saving ;), and saving my file takes about 4 minutes. I do have incremental backup but only at the end of the day and I have 4 full backup, network and USB. 

But hopefully there is no insidious corruption where a file looses some function ie playing clips, that i could discover after days off saving a corrupted file. This has not happened yet.