Slide not resetting to initial state in try mode and test mode in Storyline 360

I have a project where I did a screen recording. I added the "Try mode" and Test modes. In the "Try mode" and "Test mode," the learner enters data based on the screen prompts. At the end of each scene, I created a 'replay button' hotspot and pointed it back to the beginning of each scene. However, when the learner tries to reenter the data, it is remembering the initial entry and populates the screen automatically with the previous data. I've attempted to reset each slide and layer to "reset to initial state," and the behavior of the slide is still automatically repopulating the data of the previous entry. How do I make the slide behave where when I retry the scenario, it will reset to it's the starting point or 'initial state (the beginning of the scene)?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Vivian. In Test Mode scenes, are you including a results slide? You'll want to add a trigger to your replay button to "reset results" so that learners can go through the simulation again.

For Try Mode, I would expect the "reset to initial state" property to allow learners to redo the simulation. Since that's not happening, we're happy to have a closer look! Feel free to share that scene with us in the discussion or privately here.

Carol Mealy


I'm having the same issue in Storyline 360 when using the Try mode. I see that there was no reply to this post from a year ago, so I'm hoping this issue has been resolved?

I have a Try again button at the end of the module so the learner can go back and retry the sim, but when they get to the screen that requires input, the information that was typed in during the original try is showing. I have the slide set to 'Reset to initial state.' Is there anything else I can do?

Thank you.