Slide notes from other slides show up as slide notes for slides that do not contain notes

I am working on a project that has topic slides throughout the course, for example : "Intraday Trading" This is all the slide content, just the title and there aren't any notes on these types of slides. When I preview these types of slides the notes panel looks fine, but when I publish the content, random notes from other slides (ususally the previous slide) show up in the notes for my topic slides. What gives? Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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Walt Hamilton

I usually either put a note: "This slide contains no note" or use the gear icon right below the layers pane to call up the slide properties and set that slide not to have notes.

It would be easiest if you could just put a space or return in the note pane, and it would display as blank, but SL does not recognize spaces and returns as entries. If it doesn't offend your sense of aesthetics, you can use a period.