Slide Notes in a Text Box

Hello World,

I have a question about Slide Notes.

Slide Notes are explained in detail here,

But I use a modified player and don't like the way the notes appear on the right.

I want to have my notes on each slide. Is it possible in Storyline to make a text box on the screen equal the Slide Notes? Could I do this with a trigger on load for example ? I just want more control how the notes appear on screen. 

Any help or other ideas on this would be great.


Till then

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Adrian Dean

Hi Trav,

Welcome to Heroes! It's not possible to have the notes appear anywhere other than in the player at this time. It would make a nice feature request

My suggestion would be to take advantage of a layer that opens with text on the slides. You would have to copy your notes to the layers. More work, but it would allow you to accomplish at least somewhat what you are wanting.

Always Happy to Help,


simondavide tritto

I'm having a kind of same request: showing different notes depending on a variable; sure this can be achieved by a layer, but you lose the good feature of built-in player notes: when they're shown, the slide gets shrunk but you still see it, so you can read the notes and look at the slide at the same time. If you use a layer on anyway an overlapping text box, you cover at lest part of the slide. I think storyline should provide more customization for the notes (for instance: make the note window a sequence of tabs to enter different text and show it with the relevant trigger)