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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marielle, 

You'll want to look at the trigger panel on the right hand side of each slide to determine what the navigation set up is. If you have it set to jump to  next slide - it'll go to the slide that follows. You could also say jump to slide 1.13 if you wanted - so that's where you'll want to start first to check the trigger set up. You could also look at the Story view set up to get a "big picture" approach to your navigation. 

Brent Gamble

I haven't found a way to change the slide number as yet - and have viewed Ashleys link - has anyone else - what I actually want is when you do publish the slides I want the order of slides not to follow the slide number- rather the flow of the course - can there be a change that can publish them in story view order?

Walt Hamilton

In Story View, what you see is the program's attempt to graphically represent the flow of the course. The flow of the course is governed by ONLY the navigation triggers. nothing else can change the flow.

In this picture, you can see the slides on the left. They are my course, and what will be published when I publish. You can see the little arrows between slides that indicate how the course will flow from one slide to the next.  The slides on the right are just extra slides, there as sort of an informal library, in case I need something that is on them. They are not part of the course, because no navigation trigger connects them to the first (1.1) slide, or a slide that is in its line of connection.  Publishing will ignore the slide numbers, and publish this course as 1.1, 1.9, 1.2, 1.8, and 1.7. (They are in that order because I deliberately mixed them up.) They will publish in that order because the navigation trigger on 1.1 says "Jump to slide 1.9 when ...", etc. There is no way I can publish them in a different order, I can change their order on the menu if I have one, but no matter what the menu says, when 1.1 finishes, it will go to 1.9, even if I put them in numeric order on the menu.


Even though I'm not OCD, it is easier for me and others to work with them in numeric order, so watch the video and see how I change the numbers.

Absolutely the same slide order, i just changed the numbers. Note: THIS WILL NOT WORK IF THERE ARE ANY "Jump to Next slide" triggers. It works because all the triggers jump to a specific slide. When the slide number changes, the trigger changes with it.

I learned to do that because I used to switch between slides a lot by clicking in story view on the next slide that I wanted to work on. I found if the mouse twitched, or moved the least little bit while I was clicking, it moved the slides to a new order. With a jump to a specified slide, they never get out of order.

Brent Gamble

Totally agree- the online chat helped me to change numbers in story view


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brent and welcome to E-Learning Heroes 😊

I'm glad that Vevette was able to help you and get that feature request filed as well.

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