slide number changing when lightbox is activated

Apr 18, 2020


I'm wondering if anyone can help me solve the problem I'm having with slide numbering when I display a lightbox slide. I haven't been able to find an answer in previous discussions. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but... 

Here's what happens:

My slide correctly displays the slide number (e.g. 5 of 24)

The lightbox activates a slide in a different scene.

The numbering on the original slide is positioned in the top right, so it is still visible. While the lightbox is activated, the number is always wrong. It differs depending on exactly which versions of the number variables I've chosen (e.g., slide number in menu, slide number in project, slide number in menu section). 5 of 25 displays as 25 of 9 or simply "0." When the lightbox is closed, the numbering goes back to the correct display. 

I've tried every combination of variable (except, I guess, the one that works!), and I've removed the lightbox slides from the numbering. 

Any advice? 

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Len Hackenbroch

Sorry, you did say that in your original posting, i missed that!

You've got me stumped.

Does the user need to see the slide numbers when viewing the lightbox? If not, you could try hide it while the lightbox is showing? 

Check out the attached, its a bit of a hack but might be something for you to work on?


Melanie Sexton

Hi Len,

I think this is a brilliant workaround!  Thank you--it will save me having to waste any more time figuring it out.

I noticed that in your sample file, if I disable the triggers, the lightbox causes the slide number to simply disappear (so you are left with /1 instead of 1/1). That's slightly different from my weird numbers, but still not ideal, so I'm wondering if it's some kind of bug. 

Anyway, until all becomes clear (as it tends to eventually), I have a great workaround. 

Many thanks!

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