Slide numbering issue

Hi All,

I am having a problem re-numbering my slides after I have moved them around. They keep the previous numbers (eg 1.11 even though it's now the 13th slide). I've tried all the fixes I can find using the player properties auto-numbering features etc. The real issue is that when I publish to word it places the slides in order according to their number and I have to go back and manually move the slides around. I included a photo to show you what I mean.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Shelly,

It sounds like you applied the fixes here to reset the menu and auto-numbering - and I also wanted to point out this article on how the scene numbering/ordering works. You could also look at removing the numbering and naming the slides as you wish from either the player menu or the actual slide titles as you have shown here.