Slide Numbering - Multiple Uses Issue

I'm using the slide number feature in Storyline 360 to count questions in multiple situations.

I have three scenes that contain quiz questions. On each quiz slide, I have Question # of # , where # is the system variable Scene.SlideNumber, displaying in Project (rather than Menu) order.

I am running into an issue where the "Question # of #" is conflicting from one scene to another scene.  When I "fix" one scene, the two other scenes will have "Question ! of 0" listed.  When I fix the next scene, then the first scene will have "Question ! of 0" displayed.  I cannot seem to have all three scenes working with the numbering function.  

Is anyone seeing a similar problem? What am I doing wrong?

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Jerry Beaucaire

I'm not picturing your problem exactly, but I know I have trouble with numbering until I remember to go into the PLAYER > MENU and hit the RESET FROM STORY control to force the menu to do a mass recalculation.  Then I make any changes I want to the menu display, then my numbers seem to do what I want.  Might work for you?

Fred Volkman

Jerry - I did try this, and while it did reset my Menu, which it did need, it did not address the central need of the Slide Number.  When I use the Slide Number function, there are two variables that are created (Scene.SlideNumber and Scene.TotalSlides).  These two variable seem to me can only be used once within the entire project.  If I try to "reuse" these in two different scenes, they seem to overwrite each other with east use.  That is at least the problem that I am running into.

Ren Gomez

Hi Fred,

It sounds like you're trying to implement using the same slide numbers in a few different scenes, similar to a branching scenario, is that correct?

While we've had some input regarding this feature, we would love to hear more about what you would like to see regarding this ability if you're up for logging a feature request!

Fred Volkman

Ren - You are correct in that I am trying to use the "Slide Numbers" functionalities in a few different places, all different scenes.  

For this use case, what I am trying to do is use this slide number for quiz questions (question 1 of 10, questions 2 of 10, etc.).  I have three quizzes within this module, and for each I would like to use the slide number functionality.  When I implement this, it seem that the slide number "overwrite" each other (e.g., one scene will work just fine, but the other scenes will have "question ! of 0").  When I fix the next scene, the first one will be changed to  "question ! of 0."  

What I would like to do is have the ability to use these slide number independently of each other (one scene will have the variables scene.slidenumber and scene.totalslides, the next scene will have scene.slidenumber1 and scene.totalslides1, etc.)  This is vary similar concept to what is available with Results slides.