Slide numbers and Button States

Hi, new here!

I have two questions -- 

1.  How do you change the order of the slides?  I guess it's not the order since I have dragged and dropped some, but I have added some slides and they don't necessarily follow the numerical order.  For instance, my slide 1.8 is before 1.5.  

2.  I have three buttons on a slide and I added states to two of them to have marks appear after they are clicked.  I cannot for the life of me get the third one to work.  It looks exactly like the other two.  

Thank you,


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Sheri,

With regards to your first question, this is one that is often asked and the success or otherwise of trying to renumber your slides can be a bit dependent on how you have set up your triggers for moving between slides. Hopefully the link below will give you some ideas:

In addition, you could type "slide numbers" into the search box at the top of this page to access other posts on the subject.

Regarding your second question, are you able to post a copy of your Storyline file (or at least the slide with the buttons) here so that I can have a look in order to help solve the problem?


Sheri Matt

Thanks, Ned!  Here it is!  

The button that I am having trouble with is on slide 1.4 - Intro Menu.  The Instant Access button and the Online buttons work with the state change, but the Mobile Banking one isn't working.  I don't understand what I did wrong since I think I did it exactly like the other two.  Thank you for looking at it!