Slide Numbers for different scenes



I am trying to insert a slide number (1 of __) variable that is distinct each scene. For example on scene 1 I only want the learner to see progress for the 3 quiz slides in that scene. However, in scene 2 there are 5 quiz slides and so I want the progress bar to reflect 1 of 5.


Is there a way to do this?





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Ren Gomez

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for reaching out! Using the Slide Numbers feature in Storyline 360, you can create slides numbers for each specific scene. To do this, open a slide and:

  1. Go to the Insert tab and select the Slide Number drop-down.
  2. Select More, and switch the Order to Project Order.
  3. Insert the option Slide Number in Scene, then insert the Total Slides in Scene.

I've recorded a quick video as well to give you an overview! I hope this helps!