Slide only works once

I have a slide with four buttons on it and selected two at a time will give you an answer, but it only works once. If you keep selected the buttons it will get to a point where it stops giving you the correct answers. Has anyone ever dealt with this? Should I change my variable from T/F to a number? It looks like everything is right so I'm not sure why it won't continuously work.

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cindy lucas

Neither. There's two questions. Each question as a yes or no button and each yes or no button is one set so you have to click one or the other.

So you answer yes or no to both questions and hit submit and depending on your answer it changes the state of a text box. The text box is initially hidden but once you answer, depending on your answer, the text box will change to one of three states...displaying different feedback.

I'm clicking around to test all the combinations and it will work the first time, but not the second. it seems to get stuck on one state. I guess I could use layers but I was trying to use states as a shortcut.

Thanks for the assist.