Slide order versus Slide Numbers

Jun 05, 2017

Hi Folks:

I have the slides in the correct order but somehow the numbering does not flow in order so I have slide 3.3 > 3.6 > 3.4 > 3.5.

Result is when you play the scene in plays in numerical sequence order versus positional order.

How can I change the numbering of the slides in scene to ensure they play in order?

Seems such a small thing but I can't find the answer.

Thanks, everyone.



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Walt Hamilton

Note that the slides are not playing in numerical sequence; they are playing in trigger order sequence, which can make a huge difference. Triggers are the only way to control which slide is next.

If the triggers are set to jump to next, then numerical order and positional order CAN be the same. The actual playing order and positional order are usually very similar. The closer your design is to linear, the greater the similarity.

Bruce's solution will allow you to change the numbering, but review it afterwards because if you aren't experienced at dragging slides around, you can change the actual playing order. Also always check your menu after something like this.

Roy Saunderson


Thanks everyone. Not sure how I created my mess but what i did was add a slide after the appropriate number to create the next consecutive slide number. Then I copied and pasted the slide I had wanted onto new slide. 

Your menu check was critical as a few slides were not even in the menu!! For that I duplicated the missing slides and deleted the originals that did not show. 

Bottom-line is it is now fixed. Thanks for the ideas that stimulated a solution.

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