Slide pictures being used as triggers for audio files and keeping them from all playing at once if all pictures are clicked/triggered.

I have a slide that I am using to explain items further. The user will click the item (picture) to trigger the media for that picture to play.  The problem is that all of the media files will play at once if I click all of the pictures (triggers) on the slide. How can I have the media complete before the next picture is clicked without restricting the sequence of clicking ?

any help greatly appreciated.



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Philip Landry

Thanks very much, the slide layer thing worked. I originally assumed that the timeline starting on the layer would play the sound but I was wrong so I needed to add a trigger to play the media when timeline started on the layer.  Stopping the base layer from being clicked while playing the layer was key as well as making sure that the base layer was automatically returned to once the layer timeline was complete.  

Much thanks to Michael and Walt for the tip.