Slide playing wrong audio file

I have found several threads on this but I am currently unable to resolve my issue. My work around up until now has been to delete the audio file from the timeline... save the project... close the project.... reopen the project then add the correct file. Now... no matter what I do, it is playing the wrong audio and I have no idea what to do next... I have even tried working off of my network and on my local machine, still with no luck.  I appreciate any help on this.

I have attached the project, along with the necessary audio file.  The issue exists on slide 8.4

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Terry.

Thank you for sharing your .story file and the additional details!

First, let me say you had some really cool features in this project. I loved the interaction in slide 7.6, where the user can change the temperature!

I wasn't able to replicate the audio issue, however. I used Preview this slide, Preview this scene, published the project to Review 360 (opened with Chrome\Windows), and in all instances, the audio in slide 8.4 worked as expected. 

Which browser are you using? Can you take a look at my published version here and check if the audio works for you?