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Preston Stiner

Hi Nancy,

I have a follow-up question about revisiting slides.  I looked at the link you posted and saw the definition of Resume Saved State,  "

Use this option if you want the slide to always remember its previous state. In other words, this lets learners pick up where they left off if they return to the same slide later.

For example, if the learner was in the middle of a video when they navigated away from the slide, the video will resume where it left off when they return to the slide."

Does this apply if the learner has completed/passed a course and then just wants to open it again to review a select slide or slides?  If slides are set to this option will learners be able to open the course back up and select specific slides to review if the slide is set to Resume Saved State?

Thanks for your help.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Preston,

Thanks for chiming in with your additional questions. Based on your description, it sounds like you are asking about resuming the course:

Changing the Resume Behavior

There can be a caveat when the course has been completed in the LMS, so be sure to take a look at this documentation as well:

Course Doesn't Resume as Expected After Meeting the Completion Requirement

Are you running to a specific issue that we can help you with?

Steve Hazelton

I want to clarify something in Preston's post regarding how videos work with Resume Saved State. That statement only works if you leave a video partway through to go somewhere else in the course. If you leave the video partway through and exit the course completely, you may find that you are back at the start of the video when you come back.  The solution is to create an Exit Loop, which takes them from the video to another slide first, and then they exit/return from there. The attached will show you how to create one. It's really useful for long videos where you want to lock the play head to make sure that they have seen the entire video.