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Looking for a solution to a Player Properties issue. I am building a project with a scene (lets call it LESSON) and a second scene (QUIZ). I want to display the LESSON scene at the user's current browser size. i.e. the image fills the screen and I am using previous and next buttons that I added.

On the QUIZ scene however, I want to display the built in previous and next buttons so the user can advance through the slides when they review their results.

THE PROBLEM is, when I display the built-in previous and next buttons on any slide, it changes the display of all my LESSON slides as well, reducing the size of the image on all slides.

Hope this makes sense.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert,

The player size is set for the entire .story file - and cannot be broken up by individual scenes or section. Although you can set that certain player features only appear on certain slides, the player set up is going to allow space to accommodate them throughout instead of changing size for each slide or section. You can look at the slide layer properties to control which slides have which buttons or elements from the player enabled.