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Gil Lopez

Hi Sanchit,

Good Day!

You can go to the story view then click on the slides you want to modify the properties by holding ctrl button or simply ctrl + a to select all slides. At the bottom right part corner, you can adjust the properties. I have attached a screenshot to help you better. :)

 Note: You have to click on a slide first before doing the ctrl+a. By not doing so, the Slide Properties will be greyed out.

Hope this helps!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Malvika,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you are experiencing in your project as well as sharing a .story file for us to take a look.

I can see on your first slide that you've set the state of the next button to be disabled when the timeline starts, but I do not see a trigger of when the next button should be activated. Can you tell me a bit more about how you would like this course to function?

You mention wanting to be sure that the learner goes through each slide, and there are some built-in navigation settings that could help with this for your project overall:

Storyline 3: How to Restrict or Lock Navigation