Slide resets for split second for no reason

Hi all,

I have a slide with a 5 second video on it. A fully transparent button then appears which the learner must click which takes them to the next screen.

When I click the button the video (or slide, I'm not sure which) reverts back to the start for a split second before correctly moving on to the next screen. This jumping around ruins the effect of the screen.

Any ideas what migh tbe causing this. I fear a bug.

Updated Storyline to most recent versions two days go.

Many thanks.

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Daniel Moore

Thanks Wendy,

I'm not able to share the file publicly - it's under NDA.

I have just published the module to web to test and the problem seems to disappear. It seems to be only an issuse on preview.

@Articulate anybody have any feedback as to why an error might show show in in preview and not publish? It's almost as if there is a cache preview error as you might get in after effects.




Lauren Connelly

Hi Daniel!

Wendy is correct. It can be hard to tell what the error is without seeing the project! However, it sounds like you found the fix, which is publishing the file.

We don't have any bugs logged that are similar to what you see with the slide resetting for a split second. If you'd like out Support Engineers to take a look at your file, they're happy to sign an NDA! Connect with our Support Engineers here.

Walt Hamilton
Daniel Moore

Thanks Lauren - sorry for the late response, I've been on AL.

Publishing is not  a fix to the problem, but was useful in this instance as I was approaching a deadline.

I've tested using different videos in a different storylien project and the problem still persists in preview only.

I will be in touch to report this as a bug once I've tested ome more.

Thanks :)