Slide Shakes when Mouse Hovers


I am experiencing a strange behavior on the slide. I created a layer (a definition of a term) that shows when the mouse is hovered over the term and everything works fine until I tick the Hide the base layer option. Once the base layer becomes invisible, slide starts shaking as soon as hover. The option Restore when mouse is leaving is ticked in both cases as I want the user to see the slide after he leaves the term. Any tips of this. Thank you! 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tamara,

Hmm, I've not seen that before! Thanks for sharing your experience here. Can you confirm that you're working from your local hard drive and that your system meets the requirements listed here?

I tried replicating this in a new file, and I found that the slide layer would not display at all when I hovered over the object on the base layer. If you'd like me to take a look at your file, you're welcome to share it here by using the Add Attachment button. 

In the mean time, instead of using the "Hide objects on base layer" setting, could you add a rectangle to the slide layer that would cover the objects on the base layer? For example, if the background of your base layer is white, add a large white rectangle to the background of the slide layer to cover the objects on the base layer. 

Michael Hinze

While it looks strange that is expected behaviour. Based on your description you created a 'loop' where the hover trigger shows a layer which hides the baselayer. By hiding the baselayer objects, you also hide the hover hotspot which in turn will restore the baselayer, which will 'hit' the hover again and so forth. That's why you see the flicker. One option would be to add the definition to the baselayer. See attached a quick example with two slides, the first replicates the problem and the second shows one possible solution.