Slide size and how it relates to 4:3

The standard size for most presentations is 4:3 (1096W x 822H). These are the measurements for PowerPoint as well.

I do a lot of my mock-ups in PPP and I'm also creating grid template for my team so I need to get measurements correct.

After looking at information on the SL site I've found that with a menu a player will be 980x634. Is there a reason that Storyline doesn't go with a 4:3 standard? 

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Tom Kuhlmann

The slide size will be 4:3 (assuming that's what you have set for the .story file). You can set that from the design tab.

The player wraps around the slide. You can always modify the player to make it more streamlined, such as adding the menu as a drop down. You can find those options in the player settings.