Slide Templates for Storyline Quiz Slides

I feel like this should be really obvious and I'm completely missing it!

I want to create a template or slide master for quiz slides.  I want titles to be positioned in a certain way, and my radio buttons and checkboxes to have custom colors.

I can't figure out how or where to edit the slide template that is used for quiz slides.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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Sara Brondsema

The problem that I'm having is that Storyline doesn't seem to be applying the Slide Master layout properly.  I am having to manually adjust where my question text box appears, and the answer spaces.  Clicking 'Reset' doesn't fix the problem either.  It will move my text boxes around slightly, but still not to the spaces designated in the master layout.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Sara,

I think what is happening is that somehow the Question layout was deleted. So, your Exam Layout (in Master View) is actually a regular text layout rather than a question layout. So, SL doesn't understand what to do with it when you apply it to a Quiz question.

See if the attached is closer to what you're looking for. Here's what I did.

Get the Question Layout Back

  • I started with a brand new .story file.
  • Went into the master, and right-clicked on it, and chose Preserve Master (I find that's a best practice when creating custom masters and layouts...hold onto the original just in case!).
  • Imported your story into this new story file

Now, when I got into the Slide Master, I have the preserved default master AND your master.

  • Copied the default Question layout down to your layout area (it's under your Exam layout) and named ti "Custom Question Exam"
  • Set it up like your Exam layout (or close...I wasn't being persnickety about things...just getting the general idea.
  • Returned to Normal view

I created a T/F question - Slide 2.10 - and applied the new "Custom Question Exam" to it. Seems to have "done the trick", but you're "the boss"

Let us know how that works and please shout out with any questions.

Alex Hart

I found this SO useful and just used the technique to figure out a particularly vexing issue with quiz templates. Mainly, my quiz layout had gotten deleted also, and I was trying to apply a regular layout to a question slide. This answered and clarified what the problem was, so I replaced the question layout and fixed it. Thanks, Rebecca!

Jerson  Campos

Hey Rebecca,

Just wanted to say this helped me out too. I was getting frustrated about not being able to find the quiz question master layout. Turned out it was deleted. I kind of did the opposite of you though. I created a new slide master. I grabbed the question slide from it and copied it to the slide layouts I was using.  I had to change the name to "Question" layout before it worked.

Now to find solutions for the feedback layers and the radio buttons formats

Thanks again.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard,

The master slide layouts for questions are for all question types - so there isn't a specific one for just T/F questions. You could re-position them on the slide itself or look at creating a custom master that could be applied once you've set up the T/F using the question master.