Slide timeline end before audio finishes

I have a course I am developing that has narration on each of the slides. Some of the narrations are a minute to minute and a half. The course has been set up to restricted to limit page skipping and force users to visit all the content. 

It has been complained in UAT that some of the learners read faster than the narration and dont want to wait. I know they can drag the slider to end the slide and move on.

Is there a way to make the end of the slide be at a certain point before the audio ends? Say the 30 second mark. 

Or, can the audio be set to not control the ending of the slide?

I tried to set a cue point at 15 seconds and change the state of the next button at that cue, but because the next button is not in any other state to being with that does not work.

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Richard Hill

If you want a button to pop up after 15 seconds to let some uses progress, just set it's initial state to " hidden" in the pull down menu next to the edit states button.  Then make a trigger that says change state of buttonX to normal when timeline reaches 15s.   Give the button itself the trigger to go to Next Slide on press.