Slide title is not connected with base layer slide title - How can i fix this?

Feb 25, 2016

Hi everyone,

i have an issue with the slide title/base layer title. My colleague created 4 different engages for us to use in our courses. He renamed the base layer title (1 in the picture). Now when you change the slide title (2 - from master slide layout) it does not syncronise the slide title with the base layer title. Seems like they are not connected anymore.

I already tried to reset the layout and change the layout to an other one and back, both didn´t work. I don´t want to copy the engages to a new slide, because there are many triggers and layers on them.

Can someone tell me how to fix that?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Susann!

I'm not sure I'm understanding. It looks like the default behavior to me. The slides default to 'Untitled' when added until you add a specific name in the slide view or in the story view as it looks like you have done. We have a tutorial here.

In addition, you can change names in the Menu without affecting the slides in your project as you can see here.

Even in a new file, this is the behavior that I'm seeing.

Susi B

Hey Leslie,

I want the slide title I`m typing on the slide (via master title) to be the title of the slide in the menu. So when I change it on the slide, I don´t have to change it in the menu again. This works until someone changes it on the base layer and not on the slide itself. That´s my problem here.

But if that´s how it has to work and you can´t recreate this connection between slide title (=master title) and base layer title (=title in menu) without building it on a new slide, then I have to live with it. :)

Just wondered if there is any way to reconnect them, because our courses sometimes have a lot of slides in them (70-100+ slides in one course). And it already happened that someone creating a new slide based on a slide of someone else forgets about renaming the base layer too, if it´s not automatically done by storyline.

Susi B

Sorry but this didn´t fixed it. There is still no link between my slide title/master title and the base layer/menu title. I tried to reset the slide too, but that didn´t work either.

Maybe I´m the only one with this "wish", but would be a great feature if you could reconnect them somehow without building the whole slide from scratch just to make sure both titles are connected.

Phil Mayor

I may be misunderstanding what you want to do, I have tested and it works fine

If I have a slide called "Introduction" and rename it on the player menu to "help", changing the slide title back to "introduction" doesnt change the title in the player menu (this is by design).

However if I delete the menu item "help" (using the trashcan) and then reinsert from project (using the folder)it will insert as Introduction, if I then go to the slide and change the title this is carried across to the player menu and the objects are linked again.

I suppose the key thing here is to not rename any objects in the player and only rename them on the slide as it only works one way.

Susi B

I don´t want to rename anything on the player menu.

I want the slide title (2 in the picture above) to be the name of the slide in the menu (1 in the picture) without changing it. That works fine with the (master) slide title until someone renames the slide itself (1) and not the title on the slide (2). Then the link between them is broken and can´t be reattached.

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