Slide title not updating

I've never run across this problem before. When I insert a slide and type in the slide title the slide title in the thumbnail continues to read untitled slide. I have to manually insert the title. Any ideas? If it matters, I imported the client's PPT presentation at the beginning to ensure I had all their branding. I attached a sample slide. 



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Ned Whiteley

Hi Lynn,

You can set up your Master Slide to automatically generate the slide title.

If you call up the Master Slide view with your current slide you will find that the Welcome text appears in a text box titled Slide Text. If you replace this text box with a Slide Title text box, anything you type there on one of your slides will automatically become the slide title as well.

To create a Slide Title text box on your Master, just check the Title checkbox in the top left corner. The new text box will be inserted on your Master and you can then place it where you want. I have left your original Master Slide components in place so that you can see where the Slide Title text box has been inserted.