slide title variable chnges with lightbox

I am not sure what the culprit is but I followed Steve Flowers thread to display a variable on each slide with the name of the slide.  However, when someone visits a lightbox slide, when they close the lightbox the variable on the slide changes to the name of the lighbox slide!  

Any ideas on this?  (and Steve, feel free to chime in!)

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Phil Mayor

A lightbox slide will change the variable on timeline start, when you close the lightbox the slide below has only had its timeline paused so your timeline start trigger has already fired so the variable displayed will be that for the lightbox slide.

You can add a condition to only fire the variable when the slide is not in a lightbox (window option)

Phil Mayor

You need to change the trigger on the slide that is being light boxed so it only adjusts the variable when the slide is in the player frame.

This will mean the lightbox slide will have no name.  You could set a trigger to show a text box if the slide is light boxed or just hardcode that slides name.  It is a tricky one and is almost a bug because you can change anything on the slide below a lightbox whilst it is open