Slide Tracking Time

Jun 25, 2020

Does anyone know if there is a specific length of time that is required for Storyline 360 to track a slide as viewed?

Or perhaps a "view" requires the user to click on all of the buttons and watch the videos and has nothing to do with time? (I don't think this is true because I uploaded the course to SCORM Cloud to test it, viewed the slides the exact same way (quickly), and the report came back as Completed).

I have published my Storyline content for LMS using SCORM 2004 4th edition and have selected to track by slides viewed and to report as Completed/Incomplete. I uploaded it using the Canvas SCORM integration as a graded assignment. My assignment settings also reflect to report as complete/incomplete and submission is via the provided External Tool. The only thing I changed was making it worth 2 points as opposed to the default 100 points.

I acted as a student and went through all of the slides. However, Canvas is still reporting that it is Incomplete.

I'm looking to the Articulate community for some answers related to this before I submit a ticket to Canvas. If I know exactly how Storyline defines views, I can simply give appropriate directions to my students for completion (assuming it works). :) 


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