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Sajna Thomas

Phil please explain what you meant by duplicating slides and swapping transition directions.

What I did was, I duplicated the slide as a layer. Provided the base layer with uncover right transition and the slide layer with cover left transition. The base layer's prev button on click, goes to the slide layer which goes to the prev slide at start of timeline...but it is not working the way i want.

Sajna Thomas

Thank you all for the response.

@Phil - I am yet to see the file as the net connection is slow here and the file is still in the download process. Hopefully the file has the answer.

@Priyanka, it works fine for 2 slides, but when i insert a third slide, it doesn't seem to work the way i intended.

@Parashuram, yes the link displays the transition the way I required.



Sajna Thomas

Thank you all.

Phil I downloaded the file you sent and got the idea of how it should be done. I was successful in getting it done in my file too. The Ninja file was really superb...Wow! what lot can be done using Storyline..

Parashuram I downloaded the file from the link. I was amazed at how they got it done ...though I have still to understand the way they have used the motion path..

Storyline is truly fantastic...it has so many possibilities and I have still so much to learn..