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I saw a template a while back that used connecting bars on the different slides and matching transitions to create an incredibly creative flow to the module. I have created my own course with matching bars between concurrent slides. I'm struggling to get the slide transitions to support this build, though.

When I apply a transition to a slide, is it the "entrance" or the "exit" transition?

I'm also assuming that the "push & cover" transition is best...


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tiffany and welcome to the community!

It depends on when you want the transition to appear - if I'm understanding what you're wanting to accomplish.

"Entrance" will be the transition applied when the slide first loads and "Exit" will occur when the slide/timeline ends. This is the same for objects as well - it will depend on the Entrance/Exit selection and the position of the object in the timeline.

If your bars aren't aligned with the timeline, meaning that they come in later or end earlier than the timeline, they may need their own transitions. 

I would recommend taking a peek at these tutorials:

Adding Transitions to Slides and Slide Layers -E-Learning Heroes

AddingEntrance and Exit Animations to an Object

If you still have trouble, you're always welcome to share your .STORY file here. Maybe we could take a look and provide some suggestions. 


Christine Hounsham

Just thought I would update this old thread as I came across it when also searching for an example I had previously seen about using slide transitions to get a scrolling effect.  Ended up being one that Nicole Legault had kindly shared.  Here is the link to the original: