Slide Trigger Fails to work using variable

I am wanting to replicate the same "Failure" slide trigger that is on the Quiz Result Slide into a new slide within the same scene and it will not work.

There are 10 Quizes within my Project and I want the Learner to see a STARTING "Summary Slide" that shows them the staus of each quize, either Passed or Failed, so they know what Quiz they need to take.

The "On Condition" is: Results.ScorePoints is Less than Results.PassPoints

The error is that when I present the Summary screen, before the Learner even takes a Quiz, the "Failure" trigger message is displayed.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ray,

I think this is happening because the quizzes haven't even been accessed yet, so there is nothing for the variable to display. 

How about placing some type of object, image or text that will show up when the variable does not equal a value? It could state "Not yet completed...", etc.

Also curious as to why you'd want to display this to learners before they've attempted the quizzes. Will you have the learners return to this slide throughout the course?



Ray Mooney

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm not sure why it happens. What's really odd is that the "Success Quiz" trigger works, it's the Failure-triggers that doesn't work.

There are 11 Quizes availble to the Learner that they can access from 1 menu-slide. Each Quiz is in it's own scene and has it's own results-slide. There is no set order that the Learner has to take the quizes and they do not have to take them all at once.

My thought was the the Learner could see from the menu what quizes were available to take, had been passed, or failed.

Seems like this would be easy to-do, but I'm struggling. At this point I can only show available and passed.

Any ideas??

Thanks, Ray

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ray,

Well.. ok, that makes a little more sense :) Thank you for clarifying. I actually really like that idea.

You know what, though? I think I have an idea for this that may be a little easier. However, I'd need to know a little bit more about your course to know if this would work. Are you using feedback on your question slides? For example, if the learner answers a question incorrectly, are they receiving feedback prompts that tell them they've answered incorrectly?

You might be able to use variables that are either added to or subtracted when the learner clicks "Continue" (if it's enabled) for your feedback prompts. Then, on the menu slide you could have maybe an "Incomplete" (if variable is, lets say 0), "Passed" (if the variable is 1 or greater) and "Failed" (if the variable is -1 or less)

Or, you could set up separate True/False variables, but that may be a little more time consuming. 

How do you feel about something like that? I'd be interested in trying this out, if it's something that might work for you.

Let me know!



Ray Mooney

Hey Chistine 

..... The answer to you first quest is "yes", the Learner does receive feedback on correct and incorrect responses with a feedback-prompt.

I'm all for trying to use variables like you describe, but I'm really lost at where/how to do that. This Padawan needs a lot of help :-)

Point me in the right direction and I'll try it.

Thanks, Ray

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ray!

I worked up a quick (nothing too fancy) example for you. Could you take a look and tell me if something like this would work for your project?

Here's the published version:

Example for Ray

I'm also attaching the file, just in case you want to take a look at how the variables and triggers are set up.

If this would work for you, and you have any questions, just let me know!

Have a great evening :)


Ray Mooney

Good Morning Christine!!  ..... or Good afternoon by now ..... I started writting you a reply at 7am (high interupt level today - Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!)

I looked through your example and it's great! I really like the "State Change" approach you use, but I do have some questions ..... surprise  )

1. In each state change trigger the "on condition" is checking some value that is equal, greater or less-than 0. What I don't see and undersatnd is what's the value-name being set and how is it being changed so that the trigger has something to compare against. What's the trigger comparing too? (I hope this makes since).

2. In each of my quizzes I have 10-15 multiple-choice questions and the pass or fail will only be known at the end of the quiz using the Results-Slide, not by answering a quiz question. How would I use your method at the time of the Quiz Results when I know that the quiz has been passed of failed?

3. ..... not a question really related to this example, but I love the Question Bank!!!  Is there a tutorial on what this is?

Thanks again for all your help!!!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Ray!

Oh my goodness, it does sound like you had a busy day!

I set the variable names up for each question in the course - I had each question in its own question bank, really to simplify the project and to easily organize the questions, separately. I manually set up each variable and attached triggers to the "Continue" buttons on the "Correct" and "Incorrect" feedback layers.

So, when someone clicks on the "Correct" button for a question, the trigger adds a value of "1" to that variable. If the button has not been clicked, the value of the button remains at "0".

If someone clicks on the "Continue" button of the "Incorrect" feedback layer, a different trigger subtracts "1" from the variable value. 

So, in the end, if the value of the variable is still "0" (not adjusted), the user will see the first state/no score. If they have answered correctly, the variable will be higher and show that state and if they answered incorrectly the variable will be lower and show the failed state.

The problem you may have with this is that you have a lot more questions in your course than I had realized. If they're only able to see that they answered correctly or incorrectly from the results slide, maybe we could use a different variable here when the timeline for either the Passed or Failed version of the results slide. Wonder how well that would work?

I love question banks! And yes! We do! :D Here's a section of tutorials you may want to check out:

Using Question Banks

I hope you're having a great day, Ray!


Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Ray :)

You're always welcome to post another thread, if you'd like to ask another question. This would be helpful if you want to involve other community members in the discussion. 

Having said that, however, I'm happy to try to answer any questions you have :)

Hope you had a great evening and I hope you have a great day!


Ray Mooney

Good Morning 

I went and posted the SCORM reporting issue as another post last night. I have a responce from Peter Andersen (?)

I found various LMS Reporting help guides and utilized the SCORM Cloud to test. It seems to me I have issues with LMS reporting, but I always have issues  :-))   I really am new-bee to Articulate and the whole LMS-SCORM stuff, so I may not be understanding the interactions very well.

My Learning Lesson reports correct if I use a specific Quiz Results slide, but if I use the Course Results slide it will not report to SCORM.

Once I get this issue addressed I can go back to the Articulate lesson design and what we were working on. I want to have all 11 Quizzes in 1 Course and report the Course results to LMS, but if that can't be done that means I will have 11 different courses and there will be no need for my Menu and what we were working on.

.... lets see what happens  :-)

Thank you so much for your help to this point!!!

Enjoy your day  :-))

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ray,

Peter is completely awesome :) Looks like he was working with you in the other thread and we're going to be checking out the files. 

Are you using multiple results slides? Also, were you able to set the questions up in a question bank? You can actually import those to a question bank and then use a single results slide for reporting. Maybe? 

Now if you're wanting all 11 quizzes to report separately, that may cause a problem. As you're seeing only one results slide will pass the score to the LMS. Do you need the actual scores? If you don't, you could try tracking on the number of slides viewed. Heck you could even have custom "correct" slides and count those - the only problem is that if they don't actually pass that could show as incomplete.

Just some ideas :) Hopefully our support team will be able to give you some additional information on this.

I hope you're having a great day so far, too, Ray! :D


Ray Mooney

The day is getting better 

I like several of your ideas-pointers. Let me answer your questions ...

1. Are you using multiple results slides? Yes. 1 for each quize and 1 summary of all results slide (I call this my course results).

2. Also, were you able to set the questions up in a question bank? Not yet .... I'm waiting to see how all this LMS stuff sorts out.

3. You can actually import those to a question bank and then use a single results slide for reporting. Maybe?  I REALLY want to have 1 results slide to report to LMS and function as a Course Result. That is what I thought I built into the quiz and am trying to use to report with, but it's not working  :-((      .... I have one Result Slide that selects all the other quiz Result slides and is set to "user must pass all quizes". It is okay that the status remains "incomplete" until all quizes are passed. That is what the Managers want to have happen.

This is where I'm at now  :-)

I'm in Learning mode .... BIG TIME   :-)

Enjoy your Day!!  


I Learner has to pass each quize in order to complete the course and they can take each quiz in whatever order they want and when they want. They won't sit down and take all 11 quizes at one time.

Christine Hendrickson

Ray, new avatar! :) I like it!

I just popped in and checked on your case. I see that Cleo was able to do some testing and it sounds like you had everything set up correctly. 

If you haven't already, you may want to try testing the course in SCORM Cloud, as Cleo suggested. If it's working properly there, we'll know you're good to go. If that is the case, I would definitely suggest contacting the LMS and see if they can help you straighten this out. 

If, however, the course doesn't track properly in SCORM Cloud, please let Cleo know.

We're making progress :) Hopefully you'll be up and running soon!


Ray Mooney

Thanks!  The Avatar is of my K9 Delilah .... in my other life I'm a K9 Handler for KlaasKids Search & Rescue (National Search Center for Missing & Trafficked Children). She's certified for Area Search and HRD (Human Remains Detection, i.e. Cadaver K9). She's a real ham and smiles a lot to get belly rubs )

I did testing in the SCORM Cloud and it would not pass sucessful results either. I sent Cleo screen shotts of the SCORM Cloud showing these results and also  the same sort of results from our RUSTIC-Noddy LMS environment. I also sent the Articulate SCORM debug log (it shows some 405 errors) but I have no idea what those mean  :-)

The odd issue with this ..... if I select a specific Quiz Result that is question based, when I publish the SCO it works! It's when I select the Quiz Result that is based on other Quiz Result slides (my Course Quiz Result slide) it does not work. Seems to me that type of Quiz Result slide is not being managed correctly in the handshaing with SCORM ..... but what do I know  :-))

Enjoy your day ..... hope this sorts itself out today  :-))